Introducing the joy of colour




July is about
the Joy of colour

We are all familiar with instant uplift colour can bring to our day.

At W.Lane we have a joyous obsession in finding colours that make you feel good.

We look for clean, rich hues to brighten; colours that compliment complexions; and interesting ways for them to play together.




 Meet the collections coming your way

Arctic Blues and Winter White

This soft colour palette is like a gust of fresh air.

In store & Online

Mossy Greens and Navy Blues

The perfect pairing of earthy and smart.

In store & Online

Fuchsia Pink and Charcoal Prints

A bright flash of pink really peps up cool greys.

In store & Online

Earthy Orange and Warm Neutrals

Warming winter tones and no fuss neutrals.

In store & Online

Arctic Blues Collection

Moss Trail Collection

Colour Therapy Collection

Orient Express Collection